Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Arigato Gozaimasu~~

One wet rainy Thursday afternoon, 6 of us ( me, Rin, Echah, Joe, Fazilah, Wina ) went to Johnny's ( or known as celop celop ) for lunch sponsored by Rin. Hot food during the cold day, a nice pair! Oh, by the way ... at Johnny's, they served steamboat with a very hot spicy mindblowing sambal .. It was Rin treat for us as we worked on 3 long weekends day ( Friday -- Wesak, Saturday and Sunday ) ... Thank you Rin!!!

So, we ordered 2 sets for 4 person ( only 6 of us actually ) ... vege, seafood, chicken, beef .... everything we mixed into the boiling soup in the middle of the round table. Something else is missing ... its desserts! Banana Split, chocolate sundae, and other sweet-tooth thingy to feast our hunger. Just before the feast ... Looks like the mafia ( in orange ) observing his apprentice ( in yellow ) making a deal with the third man ( in brown)

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Project : NAR Studio

A week ago, I was called up by a friend of mine to do him a favor, a photo shoot for a local rock band. Just a simple ones in the recording studio -- more likely a prototype for their upcoming album. I was honoured to present myself during the making of their album. It was actually my first hand experience watching an album in the making -- recording and mixing ....
The studio is somewhere in TTDI, and to my surprised I met with an old fren of my cousin ( 7 yrs ago maybe when we last met ... I only can recall my sillyness in front of him ... heheheh ...) Gosh! good memory he haf ... and I dont even remembered his name. My work here almost done ... when again I was invited to stay for awhile ... if only I want to meet up with Tam Spider!!! Naaaaa, I'd better be on my way back ... its getting late and I felt stoopid for myself ... hahahahaha

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Project : Sg Congkak

0830 hours arriving Sungai Congkak. The weather was cold, damp and the best part was very few people that morning. Everything is perfect! Time to relax and enjoy the beautiful mother nature. It was actually my first time there wif dad and lil'sis, and my fourth according to my hall of fame. The journey took approximately 50 minutes from Bukit Jalil. Pass thru Hulu Langat kampung ( so the aman, damai ... )
Looking at those stream, only this I can say -- Lets get wet!! I very icy cold water as early as 0830 .. Luckily the water haven't turn into teh tarik colour, due to the everyday heavy rain storm lately. I booked our place in front of Tapak Perkhemahan 3, near to the car park .. and yes the water is deep to my neck. ( I'd never get a chance to dip my skin there before ). Somewhere further up the stream, there is much deeper section, but no thanks ...
I cant take my lense off, of this trunk by the river ( above pix ). There was 2 ants crawling on it, but I cant get my lense focus right ( i was using Hanz 70-300mm lense .. bad choice aight? well, becoz my 18-70mm was with him ) ... and I missed those ants~~!!!
Never before seen this old kind of vintage fire engine .. only seen the one placed infront of The Curve. And for below picture -- a reminder to all ... value your life. This reminder was brought to you from orang kampung ...

So much for my cuti-cuti Malaysia ... That very afternoon I was called in for work~~~ it was public holiday (Wesak Day)!!!!

Saturday, May 13, 2006

project : Nami - Penang - KL

Sorry for the late update balik kampung story. Office work is eating me alive!!! but, thank God, I still have a good life ....
back to the story ... Still at the Peris jaya huge damp ( 7 villages were flooded with water .. wanna try scuba there?? heheheh just joking! ) ... here, most each family have their own sampan ( it is a boat? .. above picture ). With the big flood across their land, this is the main transportation ... Im giving up my wild guess only. Though, that doesnt mean that land transport is not as important. The goverment was very kind to upgrade those roads for easy access. Nami is actually a very deep rural place, about an hour from Alor Star.
Far away from the big city hectic ... here, it is more peaceful and calm.
The next day ... its time to be back in Kuala Lumpur , where living in a fast lane ( huhuhuhu~~~ ). I have to start the journey ealier than always ( about 10AM ... usually 8PM ) .. me on standby, in case if office call ... agaggagagaga ... very good weather!!

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

project : to Nami

0800 hours ... breakfast with my dad at the famous Nasi Kandar in Kg. Melayu, Air Itam ( about 30km from Bayan Lepas ). Nasi panas and lauk panas - da'Bomb!! Im not sure how much is the price, but to my surprised milo ice and kopi 'O is only RM1.90!!! That is one of the reason why I still lurve Penang. And here, all lepat pisang have no nyok ( coconut ) in it...
roughly at 1000 hours, Im heading to Alor Setar, Kedah, another northern region. ZReach Alor Star at 1130hours and me gave a quick visit to my grandmother and off to Nami later on, where my guardian lives.

Have a home-made brewed coffee, makes conversation and visited 3 different houses in Nami. It felt soo good to visit them, though twice a year...

On the way back to Penang, we took the newly built freeway from Nami to Sik ( it use to be jalan tanah merah once upon a time ago ) and here lies the biggest damp in the northern region, supplying water to most of the northern part including Kelantan. 7 villages were filled up with water. ... it was a very huge damp - Peris Jaya Damp! Soon, passers by could stop by the side way stalls for food or souvenier ... the stalls are still under construction..

Monday, May 01, 2006

project : flew back to penang

1040 hours, is when I arrived at the Putrajaya KLIA transit Terminal. Bought a one way ticket to KLIA, RM6.20. Approximately 15 minutes before another train arrive.

1115 hours ... arriving KLIA and I am blur. Where is the bus platform? Never went to KLIA on a bus before! Mmmm, level 2, Platform 8 to LCC-T. Walk ... walk ... walk ...while listening to FLY.Fm.

1135 hours, the shuttle taxi to LCC-T arrived! 5 of us hop into the taxi and we go around the big KLIA runway. There was a MAS hangar, and a few big oil tanks ( MAS + Petronas ) ...

1155 hours, arriving at the newly launch LCC-T. Whoa!! Seriusly, there was a big crowd of passengers boarding to Penang. Check in and lets have a look around.

1310 hours, where is the plane? Airbus A320 is my ride! A fresh new airbus painted in red and black - Air Asia and Manchester United ( some kind of advert I think ). You should take a picture of these planes while you are waiting to board.

0150 hours, finally we reach the sky. The weather looks fine ( says the captain thru the PA-systems ). We'll be passing thru Pangkor Island, Georgetown and Penang Bridge... From above I saw a very huge palm oil plantation ... and a breathtaking sky view!!

to be continue ...