Thursday, January 25, 2007

Lanjut @ Rompin

It was my first mission to Rompin with Layang guys for a team building activities. Offered by a dear friend of mine to assist him with his job. So, as early as dawn we gathered around at checkpoint ONE, just before departing to checkpoint TWO ( Ulu Bendul ) and checkpoint THREE ( Muadzam Shah ). I hop on the left-hand-driven Estima. Hehehehe, it was kewl though I take a seat behind the driver ( felt much safer! ).
From KL we headed down South and exited at Senawang. From there we pass through Bukit Putus ( the route is very similiar to Batu Feringgi - Balik Pulau route, only Penang citizen will understand what am saying here ) and reached Ulu Bendul for their first task assignment. Ulu Bendul to next destination, Muadzam Shah is about 2 hour drive. Old vintage minangkabau houses can be see along the sideway. No pixes of it since the Estima is moving at 110kmph.
Muadzam Shah, a place that I'd never been before looks much like Taiping. Here we stopped for second task and had our local dishes for lunch. Set for the road again, and within 2 hour time we reached our destiny - Lanjut at Rompin. A 400 square acre area, by the beach.
Check-in to our beach chalet and get ready for tomorrow. The place is beautiful, except for the brown colour seawater ( because it is near Kuala, salt water + fresh water collided ). Gotta love the sea breeze, very refreshing. Me join the crew for some orienteering setting for tomorrow task. I did learn this before at Terendak Camp in Melaka, but its fun to be learning again. So, we set the bearing and hide the treasure. Its getting dark, clean ourselves and had dinner just before last final briefing and dozed off into my dreamLalalaLand.
Morning rises upon me and Im all geared up for today mission. Breakfast, and do a group photoshoot just before these participant are let wild in the urban jungle for treasure hunt and some urban-war game. Dance with the chicken song ... Move those feet.
The highlight of the program is about to begin. Bandit vs participant. Though the Bandit are among Layang team and the army enforcement, the participant will always win ( give 'em a chance will ya ). It as fun. To be in the battle field taking pictures, felt like Bernama/CNN. Hahahaha, though it was a paintball war afterall still it hurts to be shot! At first all the participant were on me and Adi. They thought we are one of the bandit!!! How could they! We only have our precious camera to 'shoot' them.
After all the four teams done with this tasks, it is our turn. Bring it on!!! My first ever experience playing paintball. It was soo cool! and it hurts to be shot ( LOL!! ) We finish up all the remaining bullets and we gained immortality this time!
This is the bandit fortress that the participant need to conquer. I did the editing on the original piece, just to enhance the striking colourful paintball pallete. Orange, yellow, green, pink and blue. Its a mess!
AFter the game, its time for beach volleyball. Amateurs playing, don't except too much from us. Right after maghrib, I take a dipped into the resort swimming pool relaxing before start our 5 hour journey back to Kuala Lumpur. The deepest part of the pool is about 5 inch taller than me! Hahahaha ...
Packed everything, jumped into the Estima and headed home. Stopped by the roadside in Rompin for late dinner. Sadly enuff, not enough food. If I had to choose, I'd rather stay hungry and sleep all the way back to KL. We make another stop at Muadzam Shah ... and they eat till they sleep! hahahah ... When suddenly I woke up at 2am due to the winding road at Bukit Putus .. and its freaky when my mind keeps on reminding me about the left-hand-driven Estima ( am sitting in the middle at the back seat of the car ). Sleep lartz .. sleep!!

It was an interesting new experience for me ( and Im craving for more ). January with most memorable moment.


Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Lepoh waterfall

Hop on Nissan Terrano and off we go to meet the other four at Pekan Batu 14. From Sri Kembangan, take a road to MRR2 and exit at the Taman Bunga Raya. Go all the way up on the 200M hill ( KL was covered with mist that morning ) and reached Pekan Batu 14 where most of us had nasi lemak for breakfast. 0930 hours we reached our destination ( as far as the our vehicle can go ). Check our daypack one last time, change into trekking shoes/sandal and of we go ... at least for the next two hours of walking. At first it was more to like breeze walking. Slowly the path becoming steep as we wade our way into the jungle.
After about an hour of walking, we take a short 5 minutes break. Light the cigar, quench our thirst and start walking again. At certain point, the route are a bit difficult due to the rain. Its sloppy, muddy and steep with very little help from mother nature herself, not forgetting those slippery wet stones by the river.
Alas, we arrived. Few campers had setup their camp at the camp site, most probably they were here a night before. Find a perfect spot to rest for awhile and mesmerized the beauty of mother nature. Take of my shoes, and there 'they' are, 3 of them ... those blood suckers, enjoying my sweet red blood. Luckily it doesnt hurt at all. Wan scared them of with his cigar and it bleed non-stop for about 10 minutes.
Dipped my foot into the icy-cold water. Yerp, it was very damn cold yet refreshing! Had a quick dip and its time for lunch. Plenty of food, nyummy nyummy!!! Here, you can actually slide down from the middle part of the waterfall. Just bare a few of but-hitting falls...
As time almost reached 1300 hours, we packed and head off back to the car. It is rainy season though, and if possible we dont want to be caught in the rain especially while going down the sloppy muddy steep. Last check point, where we washed and clean just before heading home.

Tired and sleepy ...."Take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but footprints."


Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Just a little too LATE

FUTSAL frustrated ...
Why? User Friendly was not informed by the organizer that the registration for teams are reschedule to 1pm instead of 8.30am. It was a very bad start for the day itself. Do not awaken the hideous monster inside someone who is hungry, sleepy and annoyed!
All of us were mad at the organizer for their 'commitment' towards the whole event. As mad as we all are hungry, we help ourselves with Nini's fried spaghetti.

' Gendang gendut tali kecapi, kenyang perut suka hati '... At least our stomach felt good for a while.
10.30am all of them decided to head to Erry's home while waiting for registration. As for me, I'll stay here and have a look around. I wont be there during the game ...
Visit Malaysia 2007 Event
Titiwangsa lake, just behind Istana Budaya is a very beautiful place. There is a lot of awesome thing going on that day. Futsal, netball, paintball, lake cruise, jetski, fishing and somehow I missed the wall climbing xtvt.

There is an old Bufort model exhibition. Those owners must be some filthy rich person to own these babies.
The big 60M ( or was it 40M ) ferris wheel was situated by the lake. It is still in its testing mood that morning. RM15 per adults and RM12 per kids ( 12 minute ride ).
The worst yet to happened ...
A very unfortunate event had occur to one of our User Friendly team-mates, Erry. She slipped on some mineral bottles by the side of the court while playing futsal and broke her leg. The day turns to gloom. Yet the worst is about to happened. There was NOT even one pathetic ambulance on standby during the whole event. Not to mention there was no a SINGLE soul of paramedic / PBSM ( paling cikai pun laa kan ).

My words to you my mates, Get well soon and take your time to recover ... Its gonna be a long long recovery time for you and be patients while going thru this moment.


Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Bob Marley

Yes, more climbing action in this blog. It was my second-first route at Damai ( if only you understand what am I trying to tell here ... not important anyway ). It was much easier for the second time than the first time I climbed 'Bob Marley' ( there is an interesting stories behind that given name ). As usual, me climbed top-rope. The difference this time is Wan top-belayed me.
Reached the top and take a break at the cave. A nice hide-out place, with a view from the top 20M route. Geared up, and abseils down...

Next route, cross the stream nearby, at the over hanged. Not for me of course. As Wan set the route, Im clearing the area. Gathered all the dried leaves to burn, just enuff to scare off the mosquitoes around the area.
Next climbers, Lal - a friend of Wan. Look hard but actually it is more tougher than you see. Better try again next time Lal ....