Monday, March 26, 2007

Kuala Kubu Bahru

23rd March 2007, 10.30pm me and Wan reached Pekan Kuala Kubu Bahru waiting for the monster truck to arrive. Soon, as five of us gather at the Kuala Kubu Bahru Petronas we decide to go for a heavy supper while watching Mr.Bean movie on the network. It was about an hour after we are off on our way to our campsite. Wan with his GPS gadget tracking our position as we moved into the darkness. Afraid of the same sad story in Sg Pisang might happened, we overnight in a small hut by the road (below picture) from where I could see my MBG clearly.
As the sun rises, Abg Man and Idah went back to the old small town to buy us and other 40 polytechnic students a breakfast - Nasi Lemak, the Malaysian way of having a heavy breakfast. We packed all our stuff and throw into Abg Man Defender before driving into our campsite. Poor MBG, cant follow me in. Lets hope nothing happen to it while Im away ...
The student were divided into few groups for tasking. They start cooking for lunch before we head for trekking activities later that evening. It was sunny in the morning, my wet clothes all dried up. Around 2.30pm we start trekking into the woods. Just 5 minutes after it started to pour heavily. Luckily I'd packed all the necessities if its rain heavily in my daypack. We stopped by a spot after 30 minutes walking. I just dipped my toes in it while the others seem to enjoy the water. The water level rises in a blink and Abg Man decide it is time to walk back to campsite.
Back to the campsite, me and Idah grabbed our towels and get wet for good. The water was murky due to the heavy rain before. Get into dry clothes and its BBQ time! Ayam golek togey .. hahahahaha ... Play bluff and 2spade, and it was my first time. Cuddled into hammock and its time for a good night rest.
Morning start with morning exercise followed up with taekwando routine (those student are from taekwando society). Flying fox is set up and its time to get those adrelin pumped up. Before reaching the high point, you need to cross the rapid stream to get onto the other side. Safety comes first as usual.
Once u reached the other site, u'll need to climbed up a steep hill. Last check ur safety equipment and u are ready to fly across the river. All 40 of them give it a try, even some go for second round.
The activity is over by 1pm. The students start packing their stuff while others cooking for lunch. Right after lunch the students left for home. 6 of us (me, wan, idah, man, ocean and e-jay) take time to laid back, rest and enjoy the nature. Had my last dipped in the water before packing home...
The six of us by Abg Man's monster truck... It was fun and relaxing escape.


Monday, March 19, 2007

futsal : MMU open II

Another Futsal Tournament brought to you by ... We joined under the name of User Friendly (F) and User Friendly (M).
USER FRIENDLY (F) match table ... Not so friendly though, always caught up with at least one BIG problem. Ignore the timing, it was estimated to start at 2.15pm but actually was bring forward to 11.30am.
User Friendly (F) team-mates for the day. For those who came to support us, Thank you very much ... Very much appreciate it.
User Friendly (M) team-mates pictures will be added soon.

User Friendly (F)Good game u guys, though we didn't make it to the second round after the round-robin matches.
The result of the game : Win - ONE; Lose - TWO; Tie - ONE ...
As to those who injured themselves while playing, may u get well soon...


Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Jerangkang : part TWO

I apoligoze for the very late updates...

day TWO
Light the mercun and wake everyone at the camp site. Had our breakfast, nasi goreng with a hot black coffee. Some of us helped to make lunch - nasi ayam. Lunch at the top of the waterfall. Bring along our daypack, ropes and other equipment for setting up the flying fox.
Off we go, 13 of us. The route was a bit hard at first, despite of the slippery rocks along the water. Once we stepped into the rainforest, the route is getting easier.
We are trekking up, of course the route are a bit step at certain point. 30 minutes after the long walk, we stopped by a beautiful waterfall with pool, and a long tree trunk just nice for posing. We had our 5 minutes rest here and start trekking up again.
It was about another 30 minutes when we reached our final destination. The tall waterfall with a huge deep green pool with it. Not exactly the top of the waterfall, but this will do enough for us. There is satisfaction in all of us. Beautiful mother nature at its best. The sound of the water pouring, the deep greenish pool and the cold mountain water. Everything was just perfect.
Feast our eyes, now its time to fill our stomach. We take our port, and start having lunch.
Just right after, its time to set up the flying fox. There is some bushes needed to clear. Wan was in charge in handling this activities. The two 50m static ropes was stretched across the pool. The weather was fine at first, but not for long when its started to rained for about 30 minutes. Almost all of us give it a try.
It was late... Roughly around 4pm when we decide to trekked back to camp site. Trekking down may be tough when we came upon the muddy soft soiled. It is slippery though, need to be extra careful.

As we reached the campsite, all of us are badly exhausted. Cleaned ourselves. Me and Ika have our own personal pool, away from others. Having privacy of our own, like any other gurls we talked about taboo things in our life. Here, I lost controlled of myself and slipped my soap. There goes the only soap down the stream.

As night falls, Hafiz start the campfire for BBQ. Roasted chicken for the night. Spread the ground, under the sky fill with stars we feast our hunger. It was a beautiful scenery. Skies like this can never be seen in Kuala Lumpur. Last night I slept in the tent, this night I slept in a hammock at the gazebo.
Garlic bread with mushroom soup - breakfast of the day ( so westernize ). Last group photos taken by Ustaz by the two 4WD just before we head home. By 12noon we are on our way heading to Kuala Lumpur. The weather was perfect at first, but its getting hotter by the time we reached Temerloh. Perhaps of the Karak - Gombak highway conditions - deserted. As we reached Genting Sempah, the weather turned to be wet. The rain was merciless. We reached Damansara Perdana at about 6pm ...

Jerangkang coordinate : N3 46.183, E 102 56.128