Friday, March 31, 2006

Happy birthday!

Happy bornday to my dear little honey chubby pie nephew!! You sweet little thing turns ONE today! Hope you like the gift from ur missys and grandpa. Its so amazing to watch a helpless soul borned into this world and developed day by day to become a complex human being ... and the cycles continues till the end time

The name Mohamed Syamsul Shah carries a secret hidden family history...Now, the secret is no longer taboo as it was once upon a time ago.

lotsa lurve from your far away missy .... if only I could hug, cuddle and kiss you!! muax!

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

3R futsal tournament report

3R futsal tournament the preliminary round was held last Sunday (19th March 2006 ) @ Sunway Sports Planet, Subang Jaya. More than 40 team (im sure of it) participate in this event, including schools team. The crowd was tremendous ... !! As for me, I was there to support my team - UserFriendly and theRookies ( a fren of mine ), beside taking some sporty pictures. Armed with D70, 17mm - 80mm and 70mm - 300mm lenses ... lets snap some interesting pictures. .. not that easy though!!!
Enuff with the crap

Back to the futsal story .... the trio's - 3R hosts was there for the official
lunchon of the tournament, sponsored by Unicef!!

Start off with some basic games about AIDS for the free giveaway prizes. Then the game starts!!!

The kids were very xcited about the game. Its a good thing for them to take part in this big event, exposing them at a very young age ... Majulah sukan untuk negara. The Rookies team belong's to Hanz while the userFriendly mainly are my colleagues. UserFriendly (UF) divided into two team, X and Y... one of the team was lucky enough to have only 2 opponents, the other 2 team drop-out last minute. So, the chances to go for knockout round is more than 75%, and they did go to knockout round with 2-win and 1 -loss !! The are team arent so lucky as they have to struggle their way to knockout round, which they did!! to the Rookies, no worries gurls .. y'all played well tat day. better luck next time and do more friendly game .. ask Hanz, he knew better .. hehehehe...

While waiting for others to finish their game, some of us take a nap while others fill up their empty tummy with some delicious very heavy food ... nyummy ??? and yet something interesting happened... something that I missed and Im cursing myself tat moment ... its a cat FIGHT!!! a REAL cat fight between i-forgot-the-team-name and WildCatz .. see, I told ya a real cat fight! Very tense atmosphere between those two team.
KNOCKOUT game! UF_Y finish the game with 0-0 and its time for Penalty ... its sure gonna be very tense, in court and out court. Silence ... concentrate and here goes the counting ... preassure .... and YES!! we won the game. As for the other team, UF_X they won with a score 2-1! Good game guys!!!

Thursday, March 16, 2006

XVIII games start now!

XVIII commonwealth game starts from 15/03/06 till 26/03/06. ... Like 8 years ago the event was held in Kuala Lumpur ( I was soo frustrated back then because only schools with marching band in the central Malaysia could take part in this prestigous event! ) ... This year, the event take place in Melbourne. I missed the opening ceremony beacuse of my work! uhuhuhuh, nvm they should repeat it some other times. Nothing much to nag here. Talking about Melbourne, I'd remember a fren of mine staying abroad .. pick up my phone and start dialing her number .... hehehe, 8.45pm in Malaysia and it was almost midnight in Melbourne. about 3hr different. Miss that fella soo much, will she ever coming back here?! no idea ... anyway my fren, take care yourself there ... last night was one long LONG international call ... hhehehehhe

this is the link to the official commonwealth games 2006 in Melbourne

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

light the cigar, sit back and ......

Monday, I went to Subang Sports Planet to watch a friendly match between Userfriendly (feat. my acquintance) and Wildcatz ( feat. Selina and more eurasian aweks ) ... It was supposed to be a friendly match, a game with no preassure since a big game brought by 3R is just around the corner. Both of the team have a reputation to hold onto so the game some how turn out to be rough. Dont ever underestimate the gurl power okieee... Few of Userfriendly team members were slightlyinjured so do the Wildcatz. ... hehehe, I lost count of goals cause I am so busy taking blurry photos of them. Hahahah, blurry .. it is because I am still not use to my camera yet. Still learning though. Who wins doesnt really matter in friendly match, but it will counts in tournament. Good game y'all. After 1hour of game and here come the post mortem report. Light up the cigar drink 100 plus and here goes the complains and compliment...

coming up in soon :::> 3R futsal tournament ( some sort like the biggest event of the year for gurls futsal )
date : 19th March 2006 ( Sunday )
venue : Sunway Sports Planet, Subang Jaya ( beside KESAS highway )
time : 0900 hour onwards

Friday, March 10, 2006

hassan busok

Lastnight went to @ Hassan Cyberjaya just for a drink. The Mamak stall is ok, practically just the same as other mamak stall outlet. One thing I am sooo mad off - we'd been sitting there for 10 minutes and no one bother to clear the table nor taking our order.As if we are invisible in front of them, even though I'd called them "Boss" .. no reaction or wat so ever .. take order lambat, but then when it come to jotting down the bills .. you don't have to call them.. urrghhhH!!!! What a place in Cyber which was once be my place!
enuff wif the crap of "the-worst-mamak stall service"
Though the service was bad, but meeting my frens are is the good thing happened last night. Congratulations to Sri -- subject found* .. heheheh, all the best gurl in your new relationship .. and for me, Im in lurve!! with my new Nikon D70!! oh yeah!
tats all for now ... later in more jalan2 snap pictures and complaining ...

Thursday, March 02, 2006

notice board

This is my version of MPYO advert. For further info about it please download the pdf brochure here ... MPYO brochure