Monday, August 21, 2006

here lies ....

This is where I spent at least 8 hours a day, Monday till Friday ... so called my second house, because sometimes I did spent more time here than at home. The Mines lake is huge and deep ... Within it lies creatures in various sizes unknown to man. Hahahah, for sure there was no such thing as a 'creature' here. Just some over sized fish!! They even say that the lake could drown the whole Twin Tower building .. Was it true or just a myth?
Beside it, lies ----
These are two out of few wacko officemates I have. We were throwing alot of old expired buns into the lake -- not littering, but feeding those big colourful fishes in the lake. Normally these are our activities after having a nice lunch break. Some charity work wont give you any harm. A friend of mine had himself a pond of 30 koi fish at home, just wait till you see those fish in the lake!!
Done with the fish - about 6 guni of bun we fed them. Lets take a stroll along the lake. The lushed green grass, blue lake water, white sandy 'beach' and the breezy wind ... everything was perfect! - except for some dead fish along side the lake. It was calm and peaceful, and Tun Mahathir's house was just across the lake ...
I love this place ... and I like my wacko officemates!!!!

Thursday, August 10, 2006

water play day

Finally, after a long break ... getting busy with my full time and part time thingy.

A few week ago, I'd spent my weekends with my family in Ipoh. No relatives there, just hanging out in the old vintage town. We stayed in Majestic Station Hotel at the Ipoh Train Station for RM130 pernight, family room ( up to 5 pax ). White washed bulding, with it large hallway. Very British style.
The trip was my idea and I make the whole family lie, pretending to my sister. We pull a pranked on her, since its her coming birthday. I get her pinched here and there, but the smile satisfy me.

So, on bright Saturday afternoon as my brother arrived from Penang, we went to The Lost World of Tambun ( something like Sunway Lagoon, same developers different name ). The place is such a beauty, with true mother nature as the backdrop, the feeling was just awesome! Entrance fee for adults is RM21.00, for kids below 12 is RM16.00 and with a valid student card, RM17.50 ( apply to those above 50yrs old too ). The thing is, you are not allowed to bring any outside food into the water park. Dont worry, the food inside here is good and standard prices. No worries ...

The main lagoon is situated right in front of the entrance. Behind it is the maniac 10 tube way for those who love adrelin rush... I hate those thing, but it was fun!! Only ONCE, never will be twice riding on it. The air-tube can be rent for RM10 ( with deposit included ). For me I rather enjoyed the rilex wave while laying on the air tube ...
You can go around the area in a free choooo-choooo ( train of course ). Enjoy the sighseeing ... A nice place to unwind with family / friends in Ipoh .... We stayed there from 1pm till 6pm, imagined how dark am I!!! The day was sunny till evening ...
Perak, known for its famous batu kapur landscape. Here is one of the magnificient view at the Tambun Lost World! For my family, thanks for co-operated wif me to prank our little sister!!! I'd enjoy it very very much. hahahAHahha

Sunday, August 06, 2006


It's hi-tea day! Since it is an office event, it is compulsory for each one of us to present ourselves after Fridays prayer. Of course we would rather be there eating than banging our head onto the monitor with killer datelines... Take a break -- with kitkat!
The day just getting better, not only we got to feast our craving on food, but there is also a bikini photography session by the pool, which is eventually nearby us. Guys, you just hit a jackpot there!!
And the event took place. Speech, speech then a lucky draw and more lucky draw and Im not getting any luck that day.
my table-people : ida, shila, wina and me.Its time to start digging into your food, mingle if you are single and snappy pictures. The food was delicious especially the sweet mouthwatering bread puding and chocolate cake and too damn good mee kari. And of course, coffee or tea ..

At least one of us did get wet, HO~~ HO~~ HO~~~