Monday, June 19, 2006

the old kopitiam

Sunday morning ... take a walk around Sg Wang, hunting for certain things. It was a bright sunny morning, just perfect to walk around. More than a week with no updates! Havent go anywhere to be exact and yet my partner used my lense. Went to Billion Photos and get another good bargain from that shop. Next destination --> food stall! I am hungry. Wanted to eat subway, but it was closed! Then, Hanz ask me to try this kopitiam style malays hop --> KopiClub lower ground, LowYatt plaza. Small kopitiam right beside the main escalator.
Hanz had his branch ( breakfast + lunch ) roti bakar + telur separuh masak with SoyCau while me having my lunch, nasi goreng belacan + neslo panas. The food and the interior was superb. Felt like I was in an old China town either in Ipoh, or Tanjung, Penang ... heheheheh
I like those super old-skool, vintage cup and saucer. Its hard to find these days, I think so~~. The roti bakar is just soo tempting ... I just have to have another bite of these yummydelicious food.
My nasi goreng belacan, also using the same old-vintage dishware. RM15.50 for two person ... food that worth the money!!!

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Project : Futsal by Milo

03 June 2006 @ Ampang Sports Planet -- Hidup Bola, Get in the Game sponsored by Milo and of course there is a Milo truck waiting outside pouring iced milo for FREE. Team from all around Malaysia participated in this futsal tournament - men, women and even under 12 kids category.
It was a bright sunny warm Saturday morning, just nice weather to be energized for such sporty events. Some old faces of User Friendly (UF) teamates plus three new spicy gurls is getting ready to rock the indoor field. Warming up ... just before getting in to the game. Lets bring it on gurls!!!
Frist game for UF vs The Hunters ( eventually they did not show up for the game). Technically we won the game. Second game with the Moonlighters ... a solid name (beside Alam Megah & TAFC) in ladies futsal industry. As expected we lose 2-0 to them. Fair game and well played mates.
Concern captain and un-stress coach by her side ...
Next game to make way to quarter final. UF vs TAFC (mentally tense right now! - it was me actually). Despite of their big name, UF managed to beat them!!! 1-0 ... you guys really rock the field... well done (sounded like courseware feedback ~~) And we are on the way to Semi finals if only we managed to whoop Alam Megah.The winning smile from the scorer for UF against TAFC (above) and the whole team enjoyment for winning the game (below). Good game, seriusly!!!
Our luck was not for long. We lose to Alam Megah by 2-1 ... very very tense situation, either for the players in field - of field, spectators and even me the camera gurl.

Our journey ends here. It was a big victory for UF for whooping TAFC 1-0, and even though UF lose to Alam Megah by 2-1, it was a very good improvement. Indeed it was ...

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Project : SGGS band

27th May 2006 - I went back to Penang to attend my ex-school band fund-raising concert held in Dewan Sri Pinang, besides Fort Cornwallis ( known as Padang Kota ). Sadly enuff, my closest clan (during my batch) was not able to make a comeback appearance ... All of them have a valid reason for being absent. I was lucky enuff since there is very less work in the office.
Arrived at 8.15pm ... collect my VIP ticket ( VIP whoa!!! I was damn surprised.. hahahah ), stand my camera and take a peep backstage. My goodness, Sir ... you really shrink, not alot but still you did shrink!

And now for the performance ... The principal hit the gong (was it my Chinesse Gong Sir??? nvm ...)
1 ... 2... 3.... 4 .... CENTURIA pieces as the opening .. very powerful song and lovely cymbal!! hehehhe .. That surely brings me lotssa memory. Then few pieces of unknown song ( the agenda booklet they gave me, i left it in Penang ... )
20 minutes break and here comes the best part of all! Percussion solo arrange by Kak Shereen (my super duper senior - the one in black, below picture) ... Then followed by everybody all-time favourite, The Classic Rock and Roll ... the entire hall swing to it!!! The best part in the pieces is when the battle between the snare/bass with toms!!! After one heavy memory playback moment, here comes Alladin - the Disney movie. First and last I played that pieces was 11 yrs ago, when I was in form 1. We played that piece for our school Sports Day - formation style .. with those beautiful colour guides dancing around ....
They are done ... but as always they did prepared few xtra songs to perform. After requested by some super loud school boys, Sir decided to play another song. Guess what song? The one with Tom Cruise, super action movie .... It was Mission Impossible theme song!!! And again my memory keep on spinning ... I played that song when I was in form 3, for Penang school competition -- and we won second place. A very indeed hard piece to perform ( it counts 5/4 instead of 4/4 )
Timpani (above pic) ... I had once touched these babies ...
These (above) were my beloved section. Though I dont know these kids, but hey .. I was a percussionist for 5 lovely years! We are one crazy wacky section, who oftenly got scolded by sir. .. hahahhaha.
and these wacko kids ... Im glad that uols still remember me .. lurve you gurls and good performance ... keep up the band spirit!!!!

Happy bornday partiee~~~

It was a week ago bad for updating this entry a week later. Happy bornday Ery, may you getting richer as you are getting wiser... Menu of the day was a delicious mind blowing fried meehon, superb yummy soto, an all-time favourite satay, the mouth watering (slurrppppp -- see the cake!! Do you know that you can gain 5 kilos for a slice of chocolate cake?? hehehe, just kidding uols! ) Chocolate cake - of course from Secret Recipe, and, apple strudles flown from Australia - da'bomb!!! Can you see us (almost all of us) in the tv behind Ery?
Blows the candle off, cut the cake, read the birthday card and its time to open the present ... Ery + the present ... Hidup Bola!!! One happy adult ( adding another year into your current number ... ) it just a number ... eventually everyone will grow old ... The happy faces of two very lucky guest of the nite .. ( above and below ). Slash, don woree maybe you'll get better luck next time.
meet, almost everyone at the party ( pictures below ) ...which means almost the User Friendly futsal team ( search them in gofutsal under KL team registry ) ... wanna have a friendly with them? contact them thru gofutsal .... Happening party, with good host & frens and a very delicious food ....