Saturday, June 03, 2006

Happy bornday partiee~~~

It was a week ago bad for updating this entry a week later. Happy bornday Ery, may you getting richer as you are getting wiser... Menu of the day was a delicious mind blowing fried meehon, superb yummy soto, an all-time favourite satay, the mouth watering (slurrppppp -- see the cake!! Do you know that you can gain 5 kilos for a slice of chocolate cake?? hehehe, just kidding uols! ) Chocolate cake - of course from Secret Recipe, and, apple strudles flown from Australia - da'bomb!!! Can you see us (almost all of us) in the tv behind Ery?
Blows the candle off, cut the cake, read the birthday card and its time to open the present ... Ery + the present ... Hidup Bola!!! One happy adult ( adding another year into your current number ... ) it just a number ... eventually everyone will grow old ... The happy faces of two very lucky guest of the nite .. ( above and below ). Slash, don woree maybe you'll get better luck next time.
meet, almost everyone at the party ( pictures below ) ...which means almost the User Friendly futsal team ( search them in gofutsal under KL team registry ) ... wanna have a friendly with them? contact them thru gofutsal .... Happening party, with good host & frens and a very delicious food ....


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