Thursday, April 27, 2006

project : sunset @ Putrajaya

Putrajaya Promenade ( the Dataran in front of Putrajaya Mosque ) seems to be pouring with people during the weekends. It is a nice spots for families, friends, and tourist to experienced a new different wave of Malaysia's most intelligence city.
As the sun setting down, the sky changes its colour.
Have you ever suddenly loss your sense of directions? Here in Putrajaya, have no worries ( though same of it may be a bit confius )... The signboard is everywhere, the worst that may happen, either you start going around in circle or suddenly you ended in Cyberjaya..
Souq, a conceptual bazaar underneath the Promenade ... nice thing sold there but the price, maybe a bit no no.
Selera Putra, a food court just below Souq with a breathtaking sunset view of the man-made lake. Lets recall those F&B stalls -> Nando's, Noodle House, San Francisco Coffee, Kelantand Delights, Mamak and a few more .. cant remember all of them.
Jambatan Putra, heading to Putrajaya International Convention Centre (PICC)
Next, when will I take a cruise around the huge man-made lake on Tasik Putrajaya Cruise???


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