Wednesday, March 15, 2006

light the cigar, sit back and ......

Monday, I went to Subang Sports Planet to watch a friendly match between Userfriendly (feat. my acquintance) and Wildcatz ( feat. Selina and more eurasian aweks ) ... It was supposed to be a friendly match, a game with no preassure since a big game brought by 3R is just around the corner. Both of the team have a reputation to hold onto so the game some how turn out to be rough. Dont ever underestimate the gurl power okieee... Few of Userfriendly team members were slightlyinjured so do the Wildcatz. ... hehehe, I lost count of goals cause I am so busy taking blurry photos of them. Hahahah, blurry .. it is because I am still not use to my camera yet. Still learning though. Who wins doesnt really matter in friendly match, but it will counts in tournament. Good game y'all. After 1hour of game and here come the post mortem report. Light up the cigar drink 100 plus and here goes the complains and compliment...

coming up in soon :::> 3R futsal tournament ( some sort like the biggest event of the year for gurls futsal )
date : 19th March 2006 ( Sunday )
venue : Sunway Sports Planet, Subang Jaya ( beside KESAS highway )
time : 0900 hour onwards


Blogger Kartini Suleiman said...

Holly-Molly...Is that me?...though its kinda blur y'all. I saw Wina (baju Yellow dia), Ninie (read shirt), Harry Balck n Red, Ooo...I can Selina too (familiar U see).

Neways...Twast' a good game. Me playin' full set. Urghh...exhausted gilos...Silap pi makan dinner 6pm.

Thank You SBWildcatz for the invitation, tot never ask.

I love my team...! USER FRIENDLY (tha Telur team***watever...TQ 3R host for the title...still...whateverrrr)

Kartini Suleiman

1:39 AM  

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