Tuesday, February 21, 2006

love is in the air

where I'd been? Spend my entire weekend @ Northern Malaysia.

Congratulations Yasmin on your marriage with Hisyam! Another friends of mine from highschool who ended her single life .. and now dedicating her life to a man called husband. May God bless both of you with His lurve and Yasmin, you look vavavooommmm on your wedding day!!!
And yet another mini gathering for the Georgians ... next gathering!!!!

and to missy Ninie ... Cik djKartinis ... tenkiu tenkiu very much for the lovely Zildjian t-shirt .. and not forgotten the blue pen u gave me from ur vacation to Langkawi .. was it, right?


Blogger Kartini Suleiman said...

Sama2 sayang ...huhuhuhu....Jamming jgn tak jamming Beb ;-P

4:13 PM  

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