Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Tiara Beach Resort Port Dickson

Edutrend Family Day @ LalaLand. oops, at Tiara Beach Resort Port Dickson to be exact. A place to be is the resort motto. Agreed with that. The place is big. 6 Block, 4 pools, and complete with other facilities to make your day here. Room rates are from RM150 per night + breakfast for two. The resort is situated on the other side of the beach. You will forget about the beach once you've seen the pools!

Let me share my story here. Most of my other colleagues went there with a bus provided by the company. I went there with my own ride since my dad and sis wanted to follow along. Reach there at about 7pm. Check in into room 3-30 in block C and me start getting dress for the night event - BBQ, karaoke and the theme was Colourful Night. The food was good and the karaoke was superb! Ended everything by 11pm ( I think so ). Some of us won a hamper in a lucky draw - so its time to celebrate FREE food with blackjack! Everyone let's invade room 2-26!!!

The next day, lets go skinny dipping in the pool! hahaha, me kidding here. No skinny dipping is allowed! Take a dip in the adult pool ( only 1.2m deep ) at 8am. Its cold and yet refreshing. The others start their day with breakfast ( later, there is a tele-match game for us ). Me had to go home early and can't stay for the tele-match. The breakfast menu - typical malaysian and western breakfast style. I don't miss much since later everybody will start sharing their pix in the office.

Obviously it is the place to be either with family, friends or colleagues! For kids, there is tons of water games adventure to play ( i wish Im still a kid! ).


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