Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Actorlympics coming soon -- again!

Remember serius pain @ actorstudio? Good good. Here's another interesting news! Actorlympics is here again, coming soon in February ( 22/2 till 26/2 ) @ actorstudio Bangsar.
Presented by Vision Works and starring the Actorlympian All-Stars!
Following the smashingly successful run of Actorlympics! end-of-year run in December, the troops are back again in February to help you belly-laugh your way through 2006! Actorlympics! is Malaysia’s version of “Whose Line Is It Anyway?” and guarantees a different show every night, because the games are all improvised every night based on the fresh suggestions given by each new audience.

It just too good, may I say damn to good show. Something that shouldn't be missed!

Another advise, please buy your tickets in advance cause this is one of a show that will definitely FULL HOUSE and check the box office for different nightly cast line up one week before show opens.

*pictures taken from - it was the previous advert. Latest advert still not available.


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