Friday, January 06, 2006

SERIUS PAIN @ Actorstudio Bangsar

the entertainers of the night
Actorlympics (28.12.2005 - 1.1.2006) had been staged at Actorstudio Bangsar. It was a serius pain for my throat and stomach as the jokes goes on and on for approximately 2 hour! Owh, for those who have no idea what is an Actorlympics, I suggest you to watch "Whose Line Is It Anyway" by Drew Carrey. The idea is the same, but different in the way it is presented.

Presenting the entertainers for the night : Harith Iskandar (not in the picture since he is the host), Afdlin Shauki, Rashid Salleh, Ida Nerina, Jit Murrad, Edwin Simun and Gavin Yap. These names have a very good profile in being Malaysians best entertainers.

What is soo cool about this show? These entertainers have to do things spontaneously. no script, no practice and no plans. Audience will shout out their suggestion, and Harith Iskandar will take note of it. One thing I did remember, Afdlin Shauki have to say a place, 5 things that we could found at that place and 2 things we cant. While he haf no clue of anything, the rest of the 5 will act it out so Afdlin will have a clue of what is going on. One of the best is a place in Muar, where there will be Mawi, Mee bandung, Jawa people, otak-otak and mat rempit. And for 2 things that will never be in Muar is London Bridge and KLCC. This game really gave all of us some serius sorethroat!!! Just cant stop laughing all the way. If you dont laugh, then better go and have visit your neuro-specialist.
Who peed in the swimming pool?
Just imagine Afdlin Shauki being a King Kong, a cute huge dolphine, and Frodo Baggins all in one show. As well as Jit Murrad and Rashid Salleh being the not-so-little-merman ( instead of mermaid! ), Ida Nerina the makcik Cleaner, Gavin and Edwin casting in an local karaoke video.

So much to enjoy, yet very little time. I am glad that all my friends did enjoy the show. May I say that RM22 or RM42 is worth for this kind of show? Just keep your student cards and use it wisely. What I can say is that, all of us just cant wait to have another serius pain @ actorlympics this 2006!!!


Blogger lartz said...

demm! why my addSense google ni kuar Melayu Bogel? very sexplicit aaaa.. uuhuhuhuhuhu, tercemar blog baru akoo


10:56 AM  
Anonymous lady iryana said...

For me it's not about Pain at all.It's the greatest live Asian actorlympic i've been to. Something that i will cherish for my greatest experience,not just that the actor was spontaneously acting in their best performance,the intelligents also counted on this theater ok!Happy days and Cheers!

1:47 PM  
Blogger lartz said...

serius pain in this matter refering to serius laughter I had ever had in those past few months. hehehehe, take care missy iryana

4:10 PM  
Blogger ass2006 said...

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Blogger lartz said...

thank you ass2006 ...
have a nice new year!!

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