Thursday, January 19, 2006

PGL the Musical

An old friend of mine buzz me this morning asking him a favor. Do promote Puteri Gunung Ledang the musical in here. I heard about it, in fact Melodi (TV3) did interview Datin Sri Tiara Jacquelina about her new musical theater coming soon in February. Obviously most of you heard about it, right? Nevermind .. If you don't, then continue to read on.

Puteri Gunung Ledang the Musical fleshes out the mystical love affair between the greatest Malay warrior, Hang Tuah, and the mythical Princess of Gunung Ledang. The ailing kingdom of Majapahit seeks Melaka's help to stem the onslaught of its neighbour, Demak. The Sultan of Melaka asks for an expensive prize in return: the hand of the Majapahit Princess. But unbeknownst to all, the Gusti Puteri and Hang Tuah have fallen secretly in love. When he fails to return to her, she journeys to the peak of Gunung Ledang in Melaka to seek out her one true love, thus setting in motion the wheels of a great tragedy.

The show will be staging from February 7th 2006 till February 26th 2006 ( no show on Monday ). Every night @ 8.30pm, but for Sunday there will be 2 showtime ( 3.00pm and 8.30pm ). The location is at Istana Budaya Kuala Lumpur, nearby the National library and opposite General Hospital. I'm afraid the student cards may only be use on certain days. Tickets will be raging from Rm30 till RM150.

PGL the musical was produced by Tiara Jacquelina ( lead actress herself ), Compose by Dick Lee, Directed by Zahim Albakri and his co. Adlin Aman Ramlie and Roslan Aziz as the musical director. A show that must not be missed by all, and the legends continue .....
to my friend, Megat, congratulations for being in the PGL production. It must had been an experience working with Tiara right? Don't forget my PGL the musical posters along with all cast/crew signature.. hehehehe


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