Monday, January 23, 2006

Bora Ombak

I invited Sri and Ikien for a dinner at Bora Ombak to fulfilled my promise to them. It is another episode of jalan-jalan gamble je makan @ KL. Never been to Bora Ombak before, but a friend of mine - Ell, had been there and she asked me to try the place. The place is easy to find, as long as you know where is Ampang Sports Planet you couldn't missed it. Yerp, the restaurant is just besides Ampang Sports Planet. The concept is simple, Bali style outdoor dining. We choose to stay outdoor since the sky is clear.
We took 10 minutes to order the meal -- hehehe, no idea to eat since that was our first time there. Bora Ombak offers variety of rice, noodles, pasta, western and even ala carte white rice menu. All kind of drinks and of course cigars ( from RM16 perCig
ar ).
I ordered the Spaghetti Beach Vongole ( I lurve pasta -- that is why Ikien said perhaps I'd taste all the pasta in KL! ), Ikien had a chicken chop and Sri ordered Penang Fried Char Koey Teow and + a set of chicken wings as starters. Enjoying our food with a nice Bali instrumental music but not long. Later that night, there is a live band show ( from my personal view, those members need more practice. Entertain the guest not making a fool of yourself! ) The live band performance is not that good, but what the heck. Three of us keep on blablablabla ... the mood is perfect for chattering! We ordered more drinks since we decide it is still early to go home ( 11pm .. haha, still early right? ) We ordered 3 different kind of chocolate blended drinks. I cant remember the name. One is very sweet ( chocolate + oreo ), a bit soury and bitter ( chocolate + banana ) and the other one is very plain ( chocolate + ? ). Finally at 12.30am we had our final slurppp and went home.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

hello...nice comment bout bora ombak..
and one more..the band is actually very good...especially the female singer...she once won the asia bagus competition..mybe the day u go, they doesn't sing a lot..but try another day..such as teusday..
there is a night call poco-poco night..everyone are invited to dance..i'm sure u gonna love it..that all...thanks for reading..

8:13 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi.. well you made a good choice of going to Bora Ombak..It's a nice place to relax while having dinner with friends. However, I think you are really wrong for saying that the band wasn't good..Maybe you haven't gone to some hotel lounges whose band performances are not even close to "entertaining".I'm a regular customer of Bora Ombak and i go there mainly to watch their band..besides their good food.Bora Ombak has a band which is so much better than any bands that I've seen and listened to. Maybe you should go there again and you may change your mind about them..BTW I don't think they're making a fool of themself. They're making a living, mind you..

1:38 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

DISSAPPOINTING!!i went there last nite and walk away with hugnry and angry feeling.they lost my order and i had to wait for nearly an hour with all the mosquitos biting me all nite!!very disapointing!will never go there again

1:47 PM  
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