Tuesday, March 21, 2006

3R futsal tournament report

3R futsal tournament the preliminary round was held last Sunday (19th March 2006 ) @ Sunway Sports Planet, Subang Jaya. More than 40 team (im sure of it) participate in this event, including schools team. The crowd was tremendous ... !! As for me, I was there to support my team - UserFriendly and theRookies ( a fren of mine ), beside taking some sporty pictures. Armed with D70, 17mm - 80mm and 70mm - 300mm lenses ... lets snap some interesting pictures. .. not that easy though!!!
Enuff with the crap

Back to the futsal story .... the trio's - 3R hosts was there for the official
lunchon of the tournament, sponsored by Unicef!!

Start off with some basic games about AIDS for the free giveaway prizes. Then the game starts!!!

The kids were very xcited about the game. Its a good thing for them to take part in this big event, exposing them at a very young age ... Majulah sukan untuk negara. The Rookies team belong's to Hanz while the userFriendly mainly are my colleagues. UserFriendly (UF) divided into two team, X and Y... one of the team was lucky enough to have only 2 opponents, the other 2 team drop-out last minute. So, the chances to go for knockout round is more than 75%, and they did go to knockout round with 2-win and 1 -loss !! The are team arent so lucky as they have to struggle their way to knockout round, which they did!! to the Rookies, no worries gurls .. y'all played well tat day. better luck next time and do more friendly game .. ask Hanz, he knew better .. hehehehe...

While waiting for others to finish their game, some of us take a nap while others fill up their empty tummy with some delicious very heavy food ... nyummy ??? and yet something interesting happened... something that I missed and Im cursing myself tat moment ... its a cat FIGHT!!! a REAL cat fight between i-forgot-the-team-name and WildCatz .. see, I told ya a real cat fight! Very tense atmosphere between those two team.
KNOCKOUT game! UF_Y finish the game with 0-0 and its time for Penalty ... its sure gonna be very tense, in court and out court. Silence ... concentrate and here goes the counting ... preassure .... and YES!! we won the game. As for the other team, UF_X they won with a score 2-1! Good game guys!!!


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