Thursday, March 16, 2006

XVIII games start now!

XVIII commonwealth game starts from 15/03/06 till 26/03/06. ... Like 8 years ago the event was held in Kuala Lumpur ( I was soo frustrated back then because only schools with marching band in the central Malaysia could take part in this prestigous event! ) ... This year, the event take place in Melbourne. I missed the opening ceremony beacuse of my work! uhuhuhuh, nvm they should repeat it some other times. Nothing much to nag here. Talking about Melbourne, I'd remember a fren of mine staying abroad .. pick up my phone and start dialing her number .... hehehe, 8.45pm in Malaysia and it was almost midnight in Melbourne. about 3hr different. Miss that fella soo much, will she ever coming back here?! no idea ... anyway my fren, take care yourself there ... last night was one long LONG international call ... hhehehehhe

this is the link to the official commonwealth games 2006 in Melbourne


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Enjoyed your picks and the file name: beauti fool me;-)

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