Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Project : Sg Congkak

0830 hours arriving Sungai Congkak. The weather was cold, damp and the best part was very few people that morning. Everything is perfect! Time to relax and enjoy the beautiful mother nature. It was actually my first time there wif dad and lil'sis, and my fourth according to my hall of fame. The journey took approximately 50 minutes from Bukit Jalil. Pass thru Hulu Langat kampung ( so the aman, damai ... )
Looking at those stream, only this I can say -- Lets get wet!! I very icy cold water as early as 0830 .. Luckily the water haven't turn into teh tarik colour, due to the everyday heavy rain storm lately. I booked our place in front of Tapak Perkhemahan 3, near to the car park .. and yes the water is deep to my neck. ( I'd never get a chance to dip my skin there before ). Somewhere further up the stream, there is much deeper section, but no thanks ...
I cant take my lense off, of this trunk by the river ( above pix ). There was 2 ants crawling on it, but I cant get my lense focus right ( i was using Hanz 70-300mm lense .. bad choice aight? well, becoz my 18-70mm was with him ) ... and I missed those ants~~!!!
Never before seen this old kind of vintage fire engine .. only seen the one placed infront of The Curve. And for below picture -- a reminder to all ... value your life. This reminder was brought to you from orang kampung ...

So much for my cuti-cuti Malaysia ... That very afternoon I was called in for work~~~ it was public holiday (Wesak Day)!!!!


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