Tuesday, May 02, 2006

project : to Nami

0800 hours ... breakfast with my dad at the famous Nasi Kandar in Kg. Melayu, Air Itam ( about 30km from Bayan Lepas ). Nasi panas and lauk panas - da'Bomb!! Im not sure how much is the price, but to my surprised milo ice and kopi 'O is only RM1.90!!! That is one of the reason why I still lurve Penang. And here, all lepat pisang have no nyok ( coconut ) in it...
roughly at 1000 hours, Im heading to Alor Setar, Kedah, another northern region. ZReach Alor Star at 1130hours and me gave a quick visit to my grandmother and off to Nami later on, where my guardian lives.

Have a home-made brewed coffee, makes conversation and visited 3 different houses in Nami. It felt soo good to visit them, though twice a year...

On the way back to Penang, we took the newly built freeway from Nami to Sik ( it use to be jalan tanah merah once upon a time ago ) and here lies the biggest damp in the northern region, supplying water to most of the northern part including Kelantan. 7 villages were filled up with water. ... it was a very huge damp - Peris Jaya Damp! Soon, passers by could stop by the side way stalls for food or souvenier ... the stalls are still under construction..


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naper aku baru tau yg ko dah tuka URL? HUWAAAAA :(( nice pictures la Lartz!! jeles!

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