Monday, May 01, 2006

project : flew back to penang

1040 hours, is when I arrived at the Putrajaya KLIA transit Terminal. Bought a one way ticket to KLIA, RM6.20. Approximately 15 minutes before another train arrive.

1115 hours ... arriving KLIA and I am blur. Where is the bus platform? Never went to KLIA on a bus before! Mmmm, level 2, Platform 8 to LCC-T. Walk ... walk ... walk ...while listening to FLY.Fm.

1135 hours, the shuttle taxi to LCC-T arrived! 5 of us hop into the taxi and we go around the big KLIA runway. There was a MAS hangar, and a few big oil tanks ( MAS + Petronas ) ...

1155 hours, arriving at the newly launch LCC-T. Whoa!! Seriusly, there was a big crowd of passengers boarding to Penang. Check in and lets have a look around.

1310 hours, where is the plane? Airbus A320 is my ride! A fresh new airbus painted in red and black - Air Asia and Manchester United ( some kind of advert I think ). You should take a picture of these planes while you are waiting to board.

0150 hours, finally we reach the sky. The weather looks fine ( says the captain thru the PA-systems ). We'll be passing thru Pangkor Island, Georgetown and Penang Bridge... From above I saw a very huge palm oil plantation ... and a breathtaking sky view!!

to be continue ...


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