Saturday, May 13, 2006

project : Nami - Penang - KL

Sorry for the late update balik kampung story. Office work is eating me alive!!! but, thank God, I still have a good life ....
back to the story ... Still at the Peris jaya huge damp ( 7 villages were flooded with water .. wanna try scuba there?? heheheh just joking! ) ... here, most each family have their own sampan ( it is a boat? .. above picture ). With the big flood across their land, this is the main transportation ... Im giving up my wild guess only. Though, that doesnt mean that land transport is not as important. The goverment was very kind to upgrade those roads for easy access. Nami is actually a very deep rural place, about an hour from Alor Star.
Far away from the big city hectic ... here, it is more peaceful and calm.
The next day ... its time to be back in Kuala Lumpur , where living in a fast lane ( huhuhuhu~~~ ). I have to start the journey ealier than always ( about 10AM ... usually 8PM ) .. me on standby, in case if office call ... agaggagagaga ... very good weather!!


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