Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Project : NAR Studio

A week ago, I was called up by a friend of mine to do him a favor, a photo shoot for a local rock band. Just a simple ones in the recording studio -- more likely a prototype for their upcoming album. I was honoured to present myself during the making of their album. It was actually my first hand experience watching an album in the making -- recording and mixing ....
The studio is somewhere in TTDI, and to my surprised I met with an old fren of my cousin ( 7 yrs ago maybe when we last met ... I only can recall my sillyness in front of him ... heheheh ...) Gosh! good memory he haf ... and I dont even remembered his name. My work here almost done ... when again I was invited to stay for awhile ... if only I want to meet up with Tam Spider!!! Naaaaa, I'd better be on my way back ... its getting late and I felt stoopid for myself ... hahahahaha


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