Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Arigato Gozaimasu~~

One wet rainy Thursday afternoon, 6 of us ( me, Rin, Echah, Joe, Fazilah, Wina ) went to Johnny's ( or known as celop celop ) for lunch sponsored by Rin. Hot food during the cold day, a nice pair! Oh, by the way ... at Johnny's, they served steamboat with a very hot spicy mindblowing sambal .. It was Rin treat for us as we worked on 3 long weekends day ( Friday -- Wesak, Saturday and Sunday ) ... Thank you Rin!!!

So, we ordered 2 sets for 4 person ( only 6 of us actually ) ... vege, seafood, chicken, beef .... everything we mixed into the boiling soup in the middle of the round table. Something else is missing ... its desserts! Banana Split, chocolate sundae, and other sweet-tooth thingy to feast our hunger. Just before the feast ... Looks like the mafia ( in orange ) observing his apprentice ( in yellow ) making a deal with the third man ( in brown)


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