Thursday, April 27, 2006

project : sunset @ Putrajaya

Putrajaya Promenade ( the Dataran in front of Putrajaya Mosque ) seems to be pouring with people during the weekends. It is a nice spots for families, friends, and tourist to experienced a new different wave of Malaysia's most intelligence city.
As the sun setting down, the sky changes its colour.
Have you ever suddenly loss your sense of directions? Here in Putrajaya, have no worries ( though same of it may be a bit confius )... The signboard is everywhere, the worst that may happen, either you start going around in circle or suddenly you ended in Cyberjaya..
Souq, a conceptual bazaar underneath the Promenade ... nice thing sold there but the price, maybe a bit no no.
Selera Putra, a food court just below Souq with a breathtaking sunset view of the man-made lake. Lets recall those F&B stalls -> Nando's, Noodle House, San Francisco Coffee, Kelantand Delights, Mamak and a few more .. cant remember all of them.
Jambatan Putra, heading to Putrajaya International Convention Centre (PICC)
Next, when will I take a cruise around the huge man-made lake on Tasik Putrajaya Cruise???

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

prison break

Green door, just like 'the Green Mile' movie (of course there is no green door involved in the movie). This is the old rusty Pudu Prison door to HELL. It was once a prison located in the middle of the Kuala Lumpur golden triangle. It was back then, till the goverment decided to relocate all the inmates to other prison scattered across Malaysia. Surely this old building along its terrifying history buried together as time pass by.

Friday, April 14, 2006

Project - mini studio @ home

Ohyeah!! Lets make it BIG tomorrow. Pesta Malam Indon featuring Gigi, Ada Band, Cokelat, Ratu, Peterpan, Dewa19, Ari Lasso, Padi and Ungu .. these entertainers will be rocking Stadium Merdeka from 3pm till 11pm (8 hours of entertainment!!)Just what I need ... rilaxation, time to go unwind after all those long hours working.

*These pictures taken at home under self-construct-mini-studio ..

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

project - MuayThai

Picture below was taken at SS15 playground last Sunday. Project - MuayThai snaps for a close friend of mine. She need her profile pictures for Mesiniaga personality something i guess. It was fun .. some hot actions with a "bluff" to create the mood. oh yeah, her pictures are strictly hers ...not for display here.Here she is ... was taken by me during her studio shoot which was a try-out for me. heheheh, first studio experience ... berlagak mcm bagus, i mean akoo ler !! hahahahhahahaha....

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

... brought to you by lartz

In previous entry, there was a women futsal tournament organized by 3R held in Sunway Sports Planet two weeks ago. That was the preliminary round and last Sunday, the final match between the 10 finalist team was held in Berjaya Time Square Kuala Lumpur. I was there as the unofficial photographer for the User Friendly X and Y team!!! ...
The team as in random order - Blades, Jujubabes, User Friendly Y, Alam Megah, User Friendly X, Wildcatz, TAFC, Radicals, Moonlighters and Just Daisies.

9.30am - the game start off with the school kids category.
10.30am - Open category start off with a short briefing on new rules, reminder and old rules. They kinda made up new rules to suit the 'miniature' futsal court. eg: no players are allowed to enter the D-section.. no high ball and most importantly all players must wear guards! ( disqualified they may if they don't ) .. whatever as long the game starting soon. Enuff with the reffs & organizer craps. Its time to kick some balls!!!

Im just getting ready for some actions to shooot. The crowd keeps on cheering all day!!! The game is much more neat since there is only one court in the spotlight.
The round robin match run for almost 3hrs!! with 8 minute per-game ( 4 minutes for each half ), schedule for 20 match!
The game kick off between Wildcatz vs TAFC ... with winning on side of TAFC.
Second game is between User Friendly Y versus Blades with a winning 1 -NILL for User Friendly Y!
Fourth game, User Friendly X vs the Radicals .. interesting game .. for such a small court! User Friendly won the match..
User Friendly Y versus Alam Megah, one of the biggest loudest name in women futsal industry. However they lose, 4-1 to Alam Megah ...
Later that afternoon, Blades versus user friendly X and again Blades lost the game 1- NILL
After fisinhing the round-robin match, the crowd were entertained by Juwita Suito and Ferhad! I had the privillage to enter the court as these big names people entertain the crowd. What an experienced!!

... I didnt stay any longer there as time goes past 4pm. In a rushed to go to other major event later that night. Overall, about 400Mb pictures were taken on that day. More in my hardisk for personal collection .. These are among the best shot I'd taken ( I dont mean to be proud, but sports picture is a new xperience for me! Not as easy as it looks! )

Captured off-guard behind the stress ....
Why there is no KFC in Timesquare???
To both team, User Friendly's congratulations on your winning!! To be match played between Blades, Moonlighter, Alam Megah, TAFC, and Wildcatz ( those a very very big talented team ) it was an honour for you guys!! Compared to previous year, you guys improved alot, and keep it up! Live on the spirit .. Majulah sukan untuk negara.

fairy tales do come true

... and they will live happily ever after
Congratulations to both of you from me. Princess Irin with her wedded Prince charming, Ezmir.