Friday, January 27, 2006

Nan's song

by Robbie Williams

You said when you'd die that you'd walk with me every day
And I'd start to cry and say please don't talk that way
With the blink of an eye the Lord came and asked you to meet
You went to a better place but He stole you away from me

And now she lives in heaven but I know they let her out
To take care of me

There's a strange kind of light caressing me tonight
Pray silence my fear she is near bringing heaven down here

I miss your love I miss your touch
But I'm feeling you every day
And I can almost hear you say
'You've come a long way baby'

And now you live in heaven but I know they let you out
To take care of me

There's a strange kind of light in my bedroom tonight
Pray silence my fear she is near bring your heaven down here

You taught me kings and queens
While stroking my hair in my darkest hour I know you are there
Kneeling down beside me whispering my prayer

Yes there's a strange kind of light caressing me tonight
Pray silence my fear she is near
Bringing heaven down here

The next time that we meet I will bow at her feet
And say wasn't life sweet then we'll prepare
To take heaven down there

In the loving memory of Mama.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Tiara Beach Resort Port Dickson

Edutrend Family Day @ LalaLand. oops, at Tiara Beach Resort Port Dickson to be exact. A place to be is the resort motto. Agreed with that. The place is big. 6 Block, 4 pools, and complete with other facilities to make your day here. Room rates are from RM150 per night + breakfast for two. The resort is situated on the other side of the beach. You will forget about the beach once you've seen the pools!

Let me share my story here. Most of my other colleagues went there with a bus provided by the company. I went there with my own ride since my dad and sis wanted to follow along. Reach there at about 7pm. Check in into room 3-30 in block C and me start getting dress for the night event - BBQ, karaoke and the theme was Colourful Night. The food was good and the karaoke was superb! Ended everything by 11pm ( I think so ). Some of us won a hamper in a lucky draw - so its time to celebrate FREE food with blackjack! Everyone let's invade room 2-26!!!

The next day, lets go skinny dipping in the pool! hahaha, me kidding here. No skinny dipping is allowed! Take a dip in the adult pool ( only 1.2m deep ) at 8am. Its cold and yet refreshing. The others start their day with breakfast ( later, there is a tele-match game for us ). Me had to go home early and can't stay for the tele-match. The breakfast menu - typical malaysian and western breakfast style. I don't miss much since later everybody will start sharing their pix in the office.

Obviously it is the place to be either with family, friends or colleagues! For kids, there is tons of water games adventure to play ( i wish Im still a kid! ).

Monday, January 23, 2006

Bora Ombak

I invited Sri and Ikien for a dinner at Bora Ombak to fulfilled my promise to them. It is another episode of jalan-jalan gamble je makan @ KL. Never been to Bora Ombak before, but a friend of mine - Ell, had been there and she asked me to try the place. The place is easy to find, as long as you know where is Ampang Sports Planet you couldn't missed it. Yerp, the restaurant is just besides Ampang Sports Planet. The concept is simple, Bali style outdoor dining. We choose to stay outdoor since the sky is clear.
We took 10 minutes to order the meal -- hehehe, no idea to eat since that was our first time there. Bora Ombak offers variety of rice, noodles, pasta, western and even ala carte white rice menu. All kind of drinks and of course cigars ( from RM16 perCig
ar ).
I ordered the Spaghetti Beach Vongole ( I lurve pasta -- that is why Ikien said perhaps I'd taste all the pasta in KL! ), Ikien had a chicken chop and Sri ordered Penang Fried Char Koey Teow and + a set of chicken wings as starters. Enjoying our food with a nice Bali instrumental music but not long. Later that night, there is a live band show ( from my personal view, those members need more practice. Entertain the guest not making a fool of yourself! ) The live band performance is not that good, but what the heck. Three of us keep on blablablabla ... the mood is perfect for chattering! We ordered more drinks since we decide it is still early to go home ( 11pm .. haha, still early right? ) We ordered 3 different kind of chocolate blended drinks. I cant remember the name. One is very sweet ( chocolate + oreo ), a bit soury and bitter ( chocolate + banana ) and the other one is very plain ( chocolate + ? ). Finally at 12.30am we had our final slurppp and went home.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

PGL the Musical

An old friend of mine buzz me this morning asking him a favor. Do promote Puteri Gunung Ledang the musical in here. I heard about it, in fact Melodi (TV3) did interview Datin Sri Tiara Jacquelina about her new musical theater coming soon in February. Obviously most of you heard about it, right? Nevermind .. If you don't, then continue to read on.

Puteri Gunung Ledang the Musical fleshes out the mystical love affair between the greatest Malay warrior, Hang Tuah, and the mythical Princess of Gunung Ledang. The ailing kingdom of Majapahit seeks Melaka's help to stem the onslaught of its neighbour, Demak. The Sultan of Melaka asks for an expensive prize in return: the hand of the Majapahit Princess. But unbeknownst to all, the Gusti Puteri and Hang Tuah have fallen secretly in love. When he fails to return to her, she journeys to the peak of Gunung Ledang in Melaka to seek out her one true love, thus setting in motion the wheels of a great tragedy.

The show will be staging from February 7th 2006 till February 26th 2006 ( no show on Monday ). Every night @ 8.30pm, but for Sunday there will be 2 showtime ( 3.00pm and 8.30pm ). The location is at Istana Budaya Kuala Lumpur, nearby the National library and opposite General Hospital. I'm afraid the student cards may only be use on certain days. Tickets will be raging from Rm30 till RM150.

PGL the musical was produced by Tiara Jacquelina ( lead actress herself ), Compose by Dick Lee, Directed by Zahim Albakri and his co. Adlin Aman Ramlie and Roslan Aziz as the musical director. A show that must not be missed by all, and the legends continue .....
to my friend, Megat, congratulations for being in the PGL production. It must had been an experience working with Tiara right? Don't forget my PGL the musical posters along with all cast/crew signature.. hehehehe

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Actorlympics coming soon -- again!

Remember serius pain @ actorstudio? Good good. Here's another interesting news! Actorlympics is here again, coming soon in February ( 22/2 till 26/2 ) @ actorstudio Bangsar.
Presented by Vision Works and starring the Actorlympian All-Stars!
Following the smashingly successful run of Actorlympics! end-of-year run in December, the troops are back again in February to help you belly-laugh your way through 2006! Actorlympics! is Malaysia’s version of “Whose Line Is It Anyway?” and guarantees a different show every night, because the games are all improvised every night based on the fresh suggestions given by each new audience.

It just too good, may I say damn to good show. Something that shouldn't be missed!

Another advise, please buy your tickets in advance cause this is one of a show that will definitely FULL HOUSE and check the box office for different nightly cast line up one week before show opens.

*pictures taken from - it was the previous advert. Latest advert still not available.

Monday, January 16, 2006


"Each of us have feelings to our girlfriends, but that doesn't mean you should act on them." - the L word

from left: Dana, Shane, Alice, Marina, Jenny, Bette, Tina, Kim

Should you, shouldn't you? You know yourself best. What am I trying to blablablabla ... here, umm lets go straight to the point. The L Word is a tv series ( not new, since its season 3 are about to release in March 2006 ) by Showtimes and only available in DVD. Sorry Malaysians, this series won't be air on our tv station ( including ASTRO ). Imagine if this show is on air! Hehehehe, those parents will be freaked-out, and teenagers will be saying hallelujah!!! Enuff with the crap.
The L word - lies, lurve, lonesome, laughter, Los Angelas, Langkawi? and of course Lesbians! ( duh! that's what the series about ). Lesbians in LA. Gay pride day and Annual Gay parade. ( I dont mean to offend anyone here ). Its about a group of lesbians in LA going thru everyday rutin schedule ( work, hang out, partying, scandals, relationships, affairs ). Such an interesting series and it just getting better. From cold to very very very hot ladies ( and so do the actions ). If you happen to watch this, be sure to pay close attention to the LA heartthrob - Shane!. She is da'boMb!!!

"Any transition serious enough to alter your definition of self will require not just small adjustments in your way of living and thinking but a full-on metamorphosis. " -Martha Beck

FYI : Opposite of 'The L Word' is the 'Queer as Folk'. Both are Showtime original series.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Prison Break by FOX tv

Heard from a friend of mine about this new tantalizing, adventurous TV series; Prison Break. Told my brother and wallaaaa! Thanks for downloading the whole torrent files and Im done with season One ( 13 episode ) in 2 days! Coming soon season Two in March 2006.

It's a story about Micheal Scofield (Wenworth Miller) who had a B.S and M.S in Civil Engineering and worked as structural engineer with the finest firm in Chicago. He had his body tattooed and on one fine day, he went over to the bank with one intention -- to robbed a bank! ( dude, he still have at least USD500,000 in his account ). He was sentenced to prison for 5 years. He did all that for one reason; to save his brother from being executed in 3 weeks time. One question, is there a reason for tattooing his body? as a matter of facts, YES!!! He had the prison's blueprints on his body ( remember, he was a structural engineer once upon a time! ).

Another thing, why he want to save his brother's life? His brother was sentenced to death for killing the Chicago vice president's husband. Micheal had learned that his brother was framed by some power-maniac-monster. He had asked Veronica Donovan ( Robin Tunney ) to help on his brother's case instead of his. She's digging her way too much, way too much ... and things start to get messy. How messy could it be? Want to know more about Prison Break, visit for more info and why don't get yourself a piece of this serius prison breaking series?

Seriusly recommended by me!!! I had watch season one and I cant wait to watch season two!!!

Friday, January 06, 2006

SERIUS PAIN @ Actorstudio Bangsar

the entertainers of the night
Actorlympics (28.12.2005 - 1.1.2006) had been staged at Actorstudio Bangsar. It was a serius pain for my throat and stomach as the jokes goes on and on for approximately 2 hour! Owh, for those who have no idea what is an Actorlympics, I suggest you to watch "Whose Line Is It Anyway" by Drew Carrey. The idea is the same, but different in the way it is presented.

Presenting the entertainers for the night : Harith Iskandar (not in the picture since he is the host), Afdlin Shauki, Rashid Salleh, Ida Nerina, Jit Murrad, Edwin Simun and Gavin Yap. These names have a very good profile in being Malaysians best entertainers.

What is soo cool about this show? These entertainers have to do things spontaneously. no script, no practice and no plans. Audience will shout out their suggestion, and Harith Iskandar will take note of it. One thing I did remember, Afdlin Shauki have to say a place, 5 things that we could found at that place and 2 things we cant. While he haf no clue of anything, the rest of the 5 will act it out so Afdlin will have a clue of what is going on. One of the best is a place in Muar, where there will be Mawi, Mee bandung, Jawa people, otak-otak and mat rempit. And for 2 things that will never be in Muar is London Bridge and KLCC. This game really gave all of us some serius sorethroat!!! Just cant stop laughing all the way. If you dont laugh, then better go and have visit your neuro-specialist.
Who peed in the swimming pool?
Just imagine Afdlin Shauki being a King Kong, a cute huge dolphine, and Frodo Baggins all in one show. As well as Jit Murrad and Rashid Salleh being the not-so-little-merman ( instead of mermaid! ), Ida Nerina the makcik Cleaner, Gavin and Edwin casting in an local karaoke video.

So much to enjoy, yet very little time. I am glad that all my friends did enjoy the show. May I say that RM22 or RM42 is worth for this kind of show? Just keep your student cards and use it wisely. What I can say is that, all of us just cant wait to have another serius pain @ actorlympics this 2006!!!