Monday, June 19, 2006

the old kopitiam

Sunday morning ... take a walk around Sg Wang, hunting for certain things. It was a bright sunny morning, just perfect to walk around. More than a week with no updates! Havent go anywhere to be exact and yet my partner used my lense. Went to Billion Photos and get another good bargain from that shop. Next destination --> food stall! I am hungry. Wanted to eat subway, but it was closed! Then, Hanz ask me to try this kopitiam style malays hop --> KopiClub lower ground, LowYatt plaza. Small kopitiam right beside the main escalator.
Hanz had his branch ( breakfast + lunch ) roti bakar + telur separuh masak with SoyCau while me having my lunch, nasi goreng belacan + neslo panas. The food and the interior was superb. Felt like I was in an old China town either in Ipoh, or Tanjung, Penang ... heheheheh
I like those super old-skool, vintage cup and saucer. Its hard to find these days, I think so~~. The roti bakar is just soo tempting ... I just have to have another bite of these yummydelicious food.
My nasi goreng belacan, also using the same old-vintage dishware. RM15.50 for two person ... food that worth the money!!!


Anonymous abah said...

loves all yur pix! go sis go!

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