Sunday, August 06, 2006


It's hi-tea day! Since it is an office event, it is compulsory for each one of us to present ourselves after Fridays prayer. Of course we would rather be there eating than banging our head onto the monitor with killer datelines... Take a break -- with kitkat!
The day just getting better, not only we got to feast our craving on food, but there is also a bikini photography session by the pool, which is eventually nearby us. Guys, you just hit a jackpot there!!
And the event took place. Speech, speech then a lucky draw and more lucky draw and Im not getting any luck that day.
my table-people : ida, shila, wina and me.Its time to start digging into your food, mingle if you are single and snappy pictures. The food was delicious especially the sweet mouthwatering bread puding and chocolate cake and too damn good mee kari. And of course, coffee or tea ..

At least one of us did get wet, HO~~ HO~~ HO~~~


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