Monday, July 17, 2006

chapter THREE : Rainforest Music Festival 2006

It was an ONE hour trip from Kuching city to Cultural Village. Paid RM60 for the entrance fee per day with K-9 dogs waiting furiously by his guardians. To be exact, the village was located beside Damai Beach, a walking distance from Holiday Inn Damai Beach Resorts ( the resorts was fully booked by the time I plan this trip! ). More souveniers here, and even Lim Kok Wing University was there. We entered almost all the traditional houses there. Below picture was taken in rumah panjang.
Due to this event, all other cultural shows was cancelled. Music workshop were held in the afternoon, and the concert starts at 7.30pm.

Dont be fooled with this sopan crowds. The stage was setup with a rainforest background, and a little help with lighting to create the mood. Open air, fresh fresh air ( before it was contiminated with liqour adour )
7.30pm sharp and the shows begin!! Start of slowly with local performance ( 10 minute ). Though they looked old but they bring out the groove!! I think those two instrument ( the guitar like shape ) had been modified and it is electronic. Cool!!!! and the crowd just getting warmed up!
Next, a very catchy tune played by Canadians band, accompanied by Kilema from Madagascar,a friend they met here. The violin guy ( sitting at the corner ) was very talented. His sings, plays violin and stomping his feet for beat at the same time! Even I cant do that. The crowd start dancing around to the tunes played by them.
Mongolian traditional instrument is one of the oldest in the world. They dance gracefully, like floating in the air, their music was unique with that unique guy ( the one in brown costume )added in the package. He sing with a Juon sounds, wierd eerie sound
Next, lets yodelling with these Austrians band. Good music, wierd instrument! yoOOoo~~dellinggg~~leeEEE~hoOOoooo~~!!!
Second best performers of the night! The bangra music. They play their tune while the crowd start jumping and swing to the tune!! Good performance and I just cant stop dancing all the way. A makcik standing in front of me cant make her waist stay still!
Latin, means SAMBA!!! The congo man was from Bahamas, and the other two Im not sure ... Samba samba samba and the crowds really goes wild!! Nothing like a gig in KL
The last band, yet the best performance of all. They are scottish, the guy in blue paint really reminds me of Braveheart movie! Mel Gibson as William Wallace. All about their music were superb, great!! Fusion music, new age or watsoever you call them. More interesting, these guys are wearing kilt ... hehehehe
Show ended at 12.15am ( extended, by crowd requests ). Escorted with 2 bodyguards, we took a shuttle back to the city. On the way back, all I can think was my plan for next year ... Plan to re-visit Culture Village for 3 night in a row!

13th - 15th JULY 2007 ... any takers????



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