Monday, July 10, 2006

chapter ONE : arriving in Kuching

Reach LCCT at 1410 hours, collect our tickets and lunch at McD ( a bit expensive here ). 1500 hours check-in and the que at P8 is just way too long. My friends need to smoke and sadly enough, LCCT does not have any smoking room while waiting to depart. My flight was suppose to take off at 15:25 hours from LCCT to KIA, but it was delayed to 16:00 hours.
That is my flight and those two were my friend ( azmeer n joe ), supposedly four of us instead of three.
The flight was about 1 hour 40 minutes, crossing the South China Sea. The weather was good and the A320 was comfy, less turbulence and a lot of sunlight! Either you read, sleep or just trying your best to waste the time. Those are the activites on board .. A long long long journey.
As we approaching Kuching, its started to rain. Take a taxi from KIA to Grand Continential. The taxi driver was friendly, way way too much friendly. The cost RM17.50, coupon systems applies here.

Check-in to our room, freshen up and its time for dinner -- TOPSPOT foodcourt at Taman Kereta is a seafood area. How do we know of this place? A local fren of us recomended this place. RM65++ meal for 3, and we are full! The place is about 10 minutes walk from our hotel, but something about this place creep me out. There is a lot of stairs to climb and it was deserted until you reached the foodcourt on the highest level.
Just opposite the Taman Kereta, we found our first cat statue, McD and 7-11. The River waterfront just behind the Holiday Inn. We enter 7-11 for a snack attack supply during our stay. It was a bout 9pm, most of the shop were closed except for bars, pubs and clubs. It was one hot night, not breezy at all. However, the environment is much much better than KL. Less car means less pollution.We took a strolled down the Riverside walk. Sorry bout the noise image ( taken with my W900i phone ). I think I'd walked about 2km along the riverside with 7-11 plastic bag on one side of my hand. Along the riverside, there was a lot of small f&b shop lot, a nice place to hangout and have a couple drinks.
On the way back to hotel, we hardly can walk ... We are sweating because of the heat and lucky for us, a fren of us ( a Sarawakian ) did stop by and pick us up. And now, Im strolling around town in a car. Hehehhehe .. Glad to see you my old acquintaces who had an affair with my housemate once upon a time ago ...
By 1AM, Im in my room hiding under the blanket .. The big room was all mine ... and I sleep like a baby till my alarm wake me up the next day ......



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