Monday, July 24, 2006

More futsal tourney

Saturday, 15th July 2006 @ Kompleks Sukan Negara (KSN) ... a futsal tournament was held organised by KSN bertempat at Hockey Stadium. The open air stadium, and it was 2pm. The weather was utterly hot. I should have worn my sleeveless, instead of my white England worldcup t-shirt. Dehidration is the word of the day!
This time, the team only play 5 minutes for 1st half and another 5 minutes ( second half ), total to 10 minutes per game.
First game of UserFriendly ( UF ) meeting up with Blades. Tense! Tense! Tense game. Blades, top 5 best team in Malaysia ( from my point of view ) is not an easy opponent for UF. However, to track back record UF did won 1-0 to Blades during the 3R tournament 2006 at time square. But this time, luck has ran out. UF vs Blades and the result is 1-1 ... Tough luck guys!!
It is about an hour later the next game in line. By the mean time, the players did some post mortem discussion with the captain, coach and manager.
Next opponent is the Pharma'B team. Well, based on below pictures you may make your own conclussion. That is Slash, UF goalkeeper... Ermmm, no comment .. UF vs Pharma'B : 5 - Nil ....Good game y'all!
Right after 2 match after meeting up Pharma'B, its time for UF meetiong up Srikandi. It is nearly 6.30 at the time. Nice evening weather, less dehidration and more concentration. The game goes well and smoothly. UF won again : 4- Nil
That's it for the day. Group winner is Blades ( with 11 goals ) and UF 1st runner up ( with 10 goals ).
The next day, Sunday all the winners and 1st runner up will be meeting each other ( eventually I wasnt there the next day ... A day with my dad! ). News from them, they loose at the quarter final, UF vs Moonlighters ... 3 - Nil.


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