Tuesday, July 18, 2006

chapter FOUR : the return

The next morning, I woke up at 9:30, knowing that Germany had won third place in Worldcup. Poor, poor Portugal. Breakfast downstairs and get ready to go sight-seeing again this time buckle up in John's car ( a fren of Joe back in MMU ). Again we visited Pasar Satok, looking for some kind of wierd looking ulam for Azmeer's mom. Its already almost 1 in the afternoon and people here are all getting ready to head home. Sunday is a lazy day for Kuching residents, that's what John told me. Then, we went around town. Visiting others building and monument. We passed thru the longest road name in Malaysia i guess -- Bulatan Datuk Patinggi Abang Haji Abdillah bin Datuk Bandar Abang Haji Mohammad Kassim. That is 12 words in a name ( Bulatan is not a name ). Heheheh, these are the uniques thing in Sarawak. We visit the riverside from the other side of the city. A beuatiful pink sampan pass me by, how frequent can you see a pink sampan?
Later we head to an outskirt area from the city. Taman Sahabat somewhere in nowhere ( forgot the name ). Here, there's a Laksamana Cheng Ho bronze statue specially imported from China. Nice neighbourhood with man-made lake, a big bronze statue, dim sum restuarant by the lake, a big gate fully imported from China and 24-hour CCTV survelliance.
I check out half day late from the hotel. Our flight is at 7:45pm supposedly. By the time I reaced the hotel, it is already 5pm and I havent packed any of my things yet. I didnt follow the boys to Indian Street ( where you can get lotssa gambir Sarawak there .. hehehehehe ).
John was being kind enough offering us a ride to the Kuching International Airport (KIA). KIA look almost like a mini KLIA. See for yourself ( below pix )... Doesnt it look like KLIA?
So, as stated in my boarding pass we should be boarding at 7:15 pm, but the flight was delay to 8:30pm!!! Standard procuders for AirAsia, oftenly delayed!
8.30 and we are of heading back to KL. The weather is a bit rough, flying with boeing 737-300 I can feel the rough wind ( turbulence or something like that )... And we reached LCCT safely at 10:10pm .....
Kuching a nice place to visit, full with colours, culture and a very clean city. Hope that I could make it my annual visit, Rainforest Music Festival and Kuching.



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