Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Just a little too LATE

FUTSAL frustrated ...
Why? User Friendly was not informed by the organizer that the registration for teams are reschedule to 1pm instead of 8.30am. It was a very bad start for the day itself. Do not awaken the hideous monster inside someone who is hungry, sleepy and annoyed!
All of us were mad at the organizer for their 'commitment' towards the whole event. As mad as we all are hungry, we help ourselves with Nini's fried spaghetti.

' Gendang gendut tali kecapi, kenyang perut suka hati '... At least our stomach felt good for a while.
10.30am all of them decided to head to Erry's home while waiting for registration. As for me, I'll stay here and have a look around. I wont be there during the game ...
Visit Malaysia 2007 Event
Titiwangsa lake, just behind Istana Budaya is a very beautiful place. There is a lot of awesome thing going on that day. Futsal, netball, paintball, lake cruise, jetski, fishing and somehow I missed the wall climbing xtvt.

There is an old Bufort model exhibition. Those owners must be some filthy rich person to own these babies.
The big 60M ( or was it 40M ) ferris wheel was situated by the lake. It is still in its testing mood that morning. RM15 per adults and RM12 per kids ( 12 minute ride ).
The worst yet to happened ...
A very unfortunate event had occur to one of our User Friendly team-mates, Erry. She slipped on some mineral bottles by the side of the court while playing futsal and broke her leg. The day turns to gloom. Yet the worst is about to happened. There was NOT even one pathetic ambulance on standby during the whole event. Not to mention there was no a SINGLE soul of paramedic / PBSM ( paling cikai pun laa kan ).

My words to you my mates, Get well soon and take your time to recover ... Its gonna be a long long recovery time for you and be patients while going thru this moment.



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