Wednesday, December 13, 2006

damai ... red rock

Clear the path, for me to walk thru. At first I thought I wanna climb up halfway myself and start capturing some nice moves of others climber. There was a shortcut of course ... Walked up thru the bushes, and strapped myself to a tree for safety, and Im ready ....

There was Rosli, Wan, Nuar, Joe, Apis, Thoi and me ... A day @ Damai for us. As usual, Wan will lead the way up and abseil himself down. Route Man ( that what I was told, was it 6A?! ) is not difficult at starting, but it will when come to over-hang part (halfway up) and upwards. Dont forget, Im still strapped to the tree!! My turn, and I did halfway ... just like the other 2 of us.
Move on to the next route, Monsoon. Wan take the lead, top-rope -- Rosli and Joe. Me? Trying at my route project, still 5C of course and still remain a route project...

Its when I heard the bike vendor bell ringing at the car park area ... and I want my cendol!!!

A day we spent at Red Rock (just a few minutes walk from Damai ) and the Cave. We are the second crowd there... obviously we are late, 11am!! All geared up and lets start climbing some rocks!
Tomodachi route 6B and the Black Brothers 6B+ ... a day spent with my SLR, and no climbing for me. Sob sob sob~~~



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