Friday, October 06, 2006

Stong : Part 03

1st September 2006 ...
Woke up at the crack of the dawn, grabbed my precious and take the VIP seat for the spectacular view. A slight shower of rain accompany us that morning. It was just amazing!!!

Later, most of us a getting ready to go to the Last Waterfall (once again - yeay!!), and again my small-little-cute haversack be the victim. There is mist everywhere ...

Nature at its best .. lending us 'her' beauty for us ... They Last Waterfall actually a 'Y' shape waterfall, a combination of two waterfall from different sites. Try to put a little of imagination into work based on the 3 pictures and there you'll have the 'Y' waterfall ('Y' waterfall was the other name for it.)Just do it ... NIKE
The happy people who cought lotssa fish!!! And 'they' do taste good ... or was it the special ingredient Adi put in while cooking? hehehehe ....
Among the first to arrived at last checkpoint, the hanging bridge ... Clean ourselves for the last time and get ready to set back to the Urban Jungle of Kuala Lumpur.
All of us at the Stong Resort, happy happy faces with yellow t-shirts!
The magnificient view from ground zero. We actually hangout at the top of the waterfall ... And there is still mist covering the base camp.

Sweet sweat memories of Stong ... Merdeka expedition ended here ... with 1001 stories to be told!



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