Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Stong : Part 01

30th August, Wednesday
Pick up Wina, gathered at Lipass house, then drive to STAR Bukit Jalil took a train there, change into Komuter at Tasik Selatan and headed to KL Sentral. Gentlemen and ladies, start you engine as the adventure is about to begin. KTM train were supposed to depart at 6:15pm to Kelantan but it was reschedule to 6:45pm.
It was a tiring 13 hours trip ( KL - Dabong ).
We celebrate Merdeka at Gemas train station, annoucing it 100th birthday together with Independence day.
Sleep ~~~ sleep ~~~
31st August, Thursday -- Finally... Dabong here we are!! That was the longest ride I'd been in my entire 24-yrs living in this beautiful world. 15 of us posing for the camera.
Halfway there ( i think so .. ) and there is it - the magnificient view, part of the waterfall in front of us. It is a challenging route to cross acros the waterfall ... mental akoo terabur kjap masa tue ... After crossing safely, thank God no harm done here ... we proceed through the rocky and slippery soil up to Baha's camp site.
Satisfaction on our faces .. Actually it was kind of relief to see the route is going down, no more going up .. ehehehhe .. This is our last checkpoint waiting for all mates to arrived before enjoying the beautiful view from the top of the waterfall.
After lunch ( kari ayam n vegetables + of course rice ), cleaned ourselves and it is the time to enjoy the beautiful view after few hours of climbing. A reward for self!



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