Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Stong : Part 02

Pardon me for a month of sudden disappearance... unfortunate events with my CPU. Back to the story (though It is a month old story)

31st August 2006.
On the 2nd day @ Stong, 13 of us start hiking up the Mount Ayam, which left 5 of us at the base camp (including me - yeay!). Let pictures describe about Mount Ayam (pictures do tell a thousand words aight?) I didnt make it to the peak, but my camera did all the way!!!

They started hiking at around 10am (which was actually late - if it was according to the plan). The person to the most right in below picture is the guide, Kelantanis himself ... we called him Abe Guide!!!

11 of them at the peak of Mount Ayam ... While the other 2 person might be behind my camera..

While they spent the whole day hiking up the peak, me and the rest of the us @ the base camp hike up to the Last Waterfall, 30 minutes from the base camp, to enjoy the cool-refreshing water with Maggi and Ali Cafe...

By 8pm, all of them did arrived safely (Alhamdulillah, nothing unfortunate events occur to them).



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