Thursday, November 23, 2006

shine n rains with us

Yeah, another weekend spent climbing rocks in Batu Caves. As for me the beginner, me start with 5C route. Look easy, but my little fingers are aching fighting with those solid rocks.
This time there was only us doing climbing, beacuse there will be a tournament next weekend at Mont Kiara .. no wonder there was no one except us! Good thing is, we can have all the rocks to ourselves ... greedy greedy people .. hahahahaha
The weather was envy with us. It rains on and off from the afternoon till dawn. We moved into the cave, taking shelter from the rain and start climbing again. In here, the route is much more challeging. Taking pictures of these spideys arent easy though ... learn to climb, learn to take picture in cave ... just too much information for me in a day! This experiences wont cross me everyday, and thanx to Wan and Rosli for their kind-hearted, sharing and teaching us.

Cant wait to do border next time ...
Next weekend? Me can't! I have to work for the upcoming prototype project. With rope around my neck, I keep on saying ... "I Lurve my job!!!"



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