Friday, October 06, 2006

Bukit Tabo

Suddenly ... Went hiking, again! Actually, I'm not sure where exactly is this place. Somewhere in Gombak? ....

One thing for sure, the picture below is the view of the Klang Gate Damp from one of the hill peaks. Enjoying the view while taking a break.
One of the beautiful path ...
Not exactly the Kuala Lumpur view ... almost. And I am tired, dehydrated!! Hahahahahaha ...
Going down one of the peaks ... Right after this, I'd make up my mind. I'll start doing some rock climbing later. Im done with wall climbing!!!
Lurving every steps of rock climbing here ...
The most superb-weird looking tree found a long the way. Though we did encounter a few kind of wildlife, luckily we did not came across with a wild boar at the very last point of the trip! Thank God ... And I did it in 4hrs 30 minutes ( hahahaha, which is actually the longest record in my friend game-score!! )
Because of the slight shower rain later that evening, I was awarded two days of MC by my doctor!! Haahhahahah ... It was 101F .. High fever man!



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