Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Loooong holly-day

Long holiday. Deepavali & Eid Mubarak festives in October 2006. Take a break from the office for one long week.

We did the same old thing every Eid Mubarak. Went back to Gurun where all my close relatives gathered at our late grandfather's house ( nasi tomato & the pulut kuning was marvellous! ) , pay my respects to Mama and others, stopped by Alor Staq and Nami before went back to Penang.
Nami is somewhere near the Thailand border. It rains all the way from Gurun to Nami. Mist is everywhere, adding extra effect into the scenery.
The next day, is time to visits my relatives in Penang. Tiring trip but worth the time. As I was in Penang ( like twice a year I came home ), I took the liberty to drive around the island. So, from Bayan Lepas to Batu Feringgi ( most famous tourist spot with bazaar in the evening and the white sandy beaches )
this road get busy as the evening came, night bazaar.Dipped my toes into the water, shoot some pictures around here ... and the old memories while I was a kid came to mind. Picnic with my dad, mom and big bro ( it was way before my little sister came into the picture )... building sand castle ... sweet old memories.
From Batu Feringgi, we take an old road to Balik Pulau ( where most of my relatives live ). Any takers to drift here?
Kampung Sungai Rusa, Balik Pulau. I was born here, in this old kampung house ( not ours eventually... ). Mak Long, Tok Long, Tok Ngah and Tok Ndak still lives here ...
Third Day ... at first I wanted to go to Bukit Bendera ( Bendera Hill ), ride into the old style locomotive up the hill, take some pictures. Had to cancelled it because of the super long que!!! On the way home, took the Macalister Road, stopped by my high school - St.George's Girls' School ... and went to eat nasi kandaq at Pertama, Georgetown.
Two important landmark in Penang ... Komtar ( goverment office building ) and Penang bridge. I lurve Penang!!!



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