Sunday, December 17, 2006

Keep Holding On

Lazy Saturday
Its was past after 3pm that afternoon when we start climbing. There I met my old MMU colleagues, Chaun with his girlfriend and other companion climbing at Damai. Wan set another route for me, then he himself climb up 6A the one beside monsoon. I managed to settle my new route ... How contra is my red key look on the rocks!!
These route, I will conquer it one day. Finished up all 5C's top rope, clean and lead ... Then move on to next rank. I will conquer you damn Rocks!!!
A night @ Setanding Camp
Climbing during the day, lets camping during the night. Setanding Camp at Sungai Pisang, Gombak. It was my first time there, a 5 minute walked from the road. 11pm and my stomach are crying to be fed. Start-up the fire, and lets start with the cooking. Instant lamb and chicken from nearby Giant hypermarket( no time to marinate, after all it was a very last minute plan! ), homemade fried rice (yummy!!!) and a almost burnt jacket potatoes.
Full stomach, and tired me! Set up the hammock, take out my sleeping bag and Im sailling into SweetDreamLands.
Jinx Sunday
1000 hours and its time to dip my toes into the icy river by the side of the camp. Im used to cold water, but not to cool air! Refreshed and lets leave Setanding camp, Batu Caves here we come.
Something bad, really really bad happened ... refuse to write here, beside it was indeed a 'What a Lurvely Holiday' aight?
The yellow theme day, except me. My tense is high, 9/10 ... and I channeled those high energy to a good used. Finished my project route ( that was my 4th attempt ), I can actually kissed the anchor above! Felt so good yet still jinx.
Rosli brought his client - Sue together with him today. A weird way to entertain your client, huh? We've heard about golfing all the time, but this is rock climbing dude! So Rosli, ... was it RM9 or RM8 deal if she manage to clean 6A?
Sayonara to my New Mugen and hello to my green Hooker Lace~~~



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