Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Sweet Child of Mine

As early as 10am,we start our day with climbing at Batu Caves. Beautiful Sunday morning for some extreme sweating. Very few people that morning, so the rock are ours! Rosli lead the way to my project route and I did it - twice !!! Joining us another two new gurls who eventually came to Batu Caves for climbing and they are lucky to met us.
Still early for a break ... Wan still MIA, so Rosli have to lead again. Abg Yin and few local kids head to the cave for some summer cleaning project.
Wan finally arrived around noon, and lets head to Red Rock just 5 minutes walk from Damai. Reminder, dont park your car at Red Rock. Someone might break into your car. Park at Damai and breeze walk to Red Rock.
Tomodachi [6B] is not in my list for the moment. Too many technical moves here, Im not ready for that yet. So as it is, this is Rosli's project route.
After Tomodachi, next route is the Sweet Child Of Mine [Wan's project route to lead]. He did not manage to clean the route. He wore his old climbing slippers, because his Mad Rock Hooker is stolen and yet he get burnt during fall. It is not as easy as you see ... Nasa came by that evening and help us clean the route. He then climb up the Black Brothers [6B+] and change the old rusted anchor. Thanx man for doing the favor.
Back to Damai and join the others climbers, mostly from MMU Cyberjaya there.



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