Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Bob Marley

Yes, more climbing action in this blog. It was my second-first route at Damai ( if only you understand what am I trying to tell here ... not important anyway ). It was much easier for the second time than the first time I climbed 'Bob Marley' ( there is an interesting stories behind that given name ). As usual, me climbed top-rope. The difference this time is Wan top-belayed me.
Reached the top and take a break at the cave. A nice hide-out place, with a view from the top 20M route. Geared up, and abseils down...

Next route, cross the stream nearby, at the over hanged. Not for me of course. As Wan set the route, Im clearing the area. Gathered all the dried leaves to burn, just enuff to scare off the mosquitoes around the area.
Next climbers, Lal - a friend of Wan. Look hard but actually it is more tougher than you see. Better try again next time Lal ....



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