Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Lepoh waterfall

Hop on Nissan Terrano and off we go to meet the other four at Pekan Batu 14. From Sri Kembangan, take a road to MRR2 and exit at the Taman Bunga Raya. Go all the way up on the 200M hill ( KL was covered with mist that morning ) and reached Pekan Batu 14 where most of us had nasi lemak for breakfast. 0930 hours we reached our destination ( as far as the our vehicle can go ). Check our daypack one last time, change into trekking shoes/sandal and of we go ... at least for the next two hours of walking. At first it was more to like breeze walking. Slowly the path becoming steep as we wade our way into the jungle.
After about an hour of walking, we take a short 5 minutes break. Light the cigar, quench our thirst and start walking again. At certain point, the route are a bit difficult due to the rain. Its sloppy, muddy and steep with very little help from mother nature herself, not forgetting those slippery wet stones by the river.
Alas, we arrived. Few campers had setup their camp at the camp site, most probably they were here a night before. Find a perfect spot to rest for awhile and mesmerized the beauty of mother nature. Take of my shoes, and there 'they' are, 3 of them ... those blood suckers, enjoying my sweet red blood. Luckily it doesnt hurt at all. Wan scared them of with his cigar and it bleed non-stop for about 10 minutes.
Dipped my foot into the icy-cold water. Yerp, it was very damn cold yet refreshing! Had a quick dip and its time for lunch. Plenty of food, nyummy nyummy!!! Here, you can actually slide down from the middle part of the waterfall. Just bare a few of but-hitting falls...
As time almost reached 1300 hours, we packed and head off back to the car. It is rainy season though, and if possible we dont want to be caught in the rain especially while going down the sloppy muddy steep. Last check point, where we washed and clean just before heading home.

Tired and sleepy ...."Take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but footprints."



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