Sunday, February 04, 2007

War at Padang Merbok

Reached my buddy house, crash his house and wake him up. Bought a light breakfast at the nearby 7Eleven and speed off to Padang Merbok, Kuala Lumpur. It was Harith ideas, and two of us is just a victim of his. Anyway, if he didn't make the call I suppose me and these boys won't be seeing each other anytime sooner. Thanx dude, for such an agenda.
It is a paintball competition at Padang Merbok. Not many civilians there, compare to those sharp shooters paintball players.
I reached there early enough to stumble upon my very first senior-I-met during in MMU Melacca. Abg Wan was warming up and streching with his group. He was yelling my nickname out loud, jumping up and down! I was so surprise to see him, after 6 years.
We took a seat at the stadium-concrete-seating, and the game start off. As usual, the objective of the game is to capture the opponents flag placed at their base. Though we sat behind a net, the bullets still manage to get through and almost hit us and my lens. Later after, we are filling some forms circulated by ASTRO. They are going to make another reality show playing paintball. So, just wait if I was selected to be on one of their series, and again this is Harith ideas.
The big little boy is hungry, and off we walked from Muzium MataWang to Coliseum Cafe situated on Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman, just beside Colisuem Theater ( had been declared as Heritage building in KL ). A very wonderful day to walk around KL, the traffic was minimal ( maybe because of few road being blocks for Federal Day celebration ) and there was less sun. It was indeed a very old vintage building, since 1921. The food was fantastic and it taste more delicious if it was a treat. Thanx Azzad for the treat.
Does this look weird? Knock yourself out to find where this road located...



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